Working Remotely

*For more information about this program and how we can help you with setting up remote access today, please reach out to us directly by emailing or calling #248-550-0820. For program details, see below:

In efforts to #FlattenTheCurve, the world has been making drastic changes to stay safe and continue to work as efficiently as possible. We realize that the ability to work from home isn’t always available. We are here to offer support where we can in helping you transition to this new normal, temporary or not. We have tailored a program to help during these hard times to not only get you “up and running” but to do so in a way where you won’t have to spend money for the support you need for 60 days*. This program includes:

• Providing a way to work from home and being able to access your work computer in an easy, inexpensive & SAFE reliable manner without needing to VPN
• Providing remote work access using temporary hardware options
• Collaboration assistance through Microsoft Teams with in-house training available via webinar
• Security to your onsite systems to ensure that everything continues to run while you’re away from the office
• Phone system assistance to have calls routed appropriately to those needing it in separate locations
• Cybersecurity protection to keep you running smoothly with the least amount of risk disruption