Office 365

Managing all of your productivity needs.

Office 365 is a web based platform pairing the Office applications with cloud storage, and is designed to be customized to your organization’s needs. Your subsciption includes all Microsoft Office programs, as well as Exchange and Sharepoint, effectively eliminating any past licensing problems you may have had. With a 99% uptime, this clean, easy-to-use, cloud-based software will radically change your operations.

Compliance Management

You can use the Office 365 Compliance Center to manage security and data throughout your organization. This feature ensures that your systems remain compliant with legal, regulatory, and technical standards. An important part of Office 365, you are giving options to manage archiving, eDiscovery, audits and tracking, and other security features. Assigning permissions in Office 365 is a breeze.


eDiscovery through Office 365 is a system that identifies and delivers electronic information. You can use it to search the content in both Exchange and SharePoint. In both systems you are able to identify, hold, and export this content. This feature is useful for audits, legal cases, and more. Put an end to sifting through hundreds of documents and emails to find what you need.

Data Loss Prevention

If you're like most companies, you don't ask employees to memorize all company policies. DLP through Office 365 is a key feature to help your organization stay compliant, while educating employees about situations that may not be secure.

Does an email they’re sending contains sensitive information? Does it violate company policy? Many workers face questions like these daily. With DLP you can help your team achieve compliance without disrupting their routine (or yours).