Managing and reducing your infrastructure costs.

It’s vital for your company’s equipment to function properly and in unison. Single Point will consult with you to enable all of your software, hardware, and servers to work together seamlessly in an up-to-date and reliable system. We do everything we can to understand your business, market, and processes; that way we can fix issues and inefficiencies that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Internet Connectivity

We'll help you choose the correct connection and bandwidth options for your infrastructure. Remember, we are not a telecom company- which is good for our clients, because they know they're getting the lowest charges possible. We excel at intelligent bandwidth management, because we consider your entire system and its connections, ensuring your set-up will be reliable 24/7.


By using your internet connection for your phone system rather than a regular phone line, it will save your company both time and money. Additionally, the features you recieved through a Voice over IP are more sophisticated than what you would get through a phone plan. We implement remote access, connectivity, and allow you to easily change and manage phone number at any time.

Remote Access

Ensure you maintain productivity, no matter where your team is. Through a remote access system your team is able to quickly access a network remotely, resulting in an increase in efficiency and uptime.

Data Center Hosting

Does your company run 24/7? Avoid the pitfalls of remote hosting, and let Single Point Tech implement Data Center Hosting instead. You will not only reduce the time and cost of managing your infrastructure, but also maintain flexibility and control over your hardware, software, and networks.